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Lao Ra - Bang Boom (Official Video)

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    This is 'Bang Boom' by Lao Ra.

    Out now!
    Listen: http://po.st/spBangBoom
    Download: http://po.st/BangBoom

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    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LaoRaMusica
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    Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/LaoRaMusica

    Lao Ra - Bang Boom - lyrics
    Bang BoomI come from a different place
    I know what it takes
    To feel I'm from outer space
    Those feelings won't go anywhere
    Life goes fast
    I don't wanna lose the track
    Push and hard
    Time is slipping from my hand
    Head to head
    Ever since I was a gir
    lMade a bet for myself
    Ya know, I'm not gonna

    Shoot me down
    But I'm pitbull
    Like a shark
    I'm gonna eat you
    HeyTalking shit, but I'm serious
    I'm not gonna break

    You know that I can't pretend
    I don't like this game
    There's something about the pain
    And feeling a sweat down my neck
    Up till late
    Never knew another way
    You're a mess
    That's what daddy used to say
    Think I'm mad
    Cause I listen to my heart
    Won't deny
    Life is hard
    Ya know, I'm not gonn

    Bamboo, bamboo
    Bamboo, Bamboo, Bamboo x2

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